Belly Dancers of Egypt's Golden Era

The term “Golden Era” is often used to refer to a period of Egyptian cinema in the mid-20th century. During that time, many actress/dancers became popular, not only in Egypt and the Middle East, but around the world. Many of these dancers are still recognized as the best of the best and are still a source for inspiration for belly dance enthusiasts today.

The list below is certainly not inclusive of all Golden Era dancers, but it is a list of the most popular. YouTube clips are provided to give you a look at the moves and movies that made these dancers famous.

Samia Gamal
With singer/actor/composer Farid Al Atrache, who was her long time boyfriend. They starred in many movies together.

Naima Akef

Tahia Carioca

Nagwa Fouad

Suhier Zaki


Zeinat Olwi

Badia Masabni
Last, but not least. Badia is most likely the most important of them all. She taught and hired many of the dancers in this list to work in her historic “Casino Opera”.

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