We provide dance and fitness programs including belly dance, personal training, and fitness nutrition counseling in the far west Houston areas of Katy, Copperfield, and Cypress, Texas.

Here are the services we offer:

- Group Belly Dancing Lessons
- Private Belly Dancing Lessons
- Group / Private Personal Training Sessions
- Nutrition Counseling
- Group Exercise Classes at Katy Family YMCA and Langham Creek YMCA
- Professional, Family Friendly Belly Dance Entertainment or Instruction for Private Parties and Corporate Events

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7pm Egyptian Belly Dance Technique, Drills and Zills (Beginners and up)

7pm Beginner Belly Dance

1pm Egyptian Belly Dance Technique, Drills and Zills (Beginners and up)
2pm Egyptian Belly Dance Performance and Choreography

*Free class is only valid for new students (ie You’ve never taken a class from me before)
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This video will demonstrate the horizontal chest twist and we will speed up the same movement into the chest shimmy. The chest twist is a foundational move of many other upper body movements and can also be used as an…
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The Egyptian Knee Shimmy is another one of those essential moves in belly dancing. It’s also one of the toughest to master, because it takes time to build the muscular endurance for a steady shimmy. Important things to remember while…
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One of the simplest ways to protect our “belly dance character” is to cover up our costume before and after our performances. This video shows you three options for covering up. If time allows, you can also change in and…
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September 27th @ 6pm

Jewels of Arabia Student Show

Join us for an evening of modern and traditional dance and delicious food from the Mediterranean featuring Anna and the Bayou Bedouins!

Reservations STRONGLY suggested: 281.392.2612

There is no cost for the show. Bring the whole family!

Please arrive early, order and enjoy some of Red Oak Grill’s wonderful food BEFORE the show begins.

Location: Red Oak Grill - 2004 S Mason Rd, Katy, Texas 77450